October 14, 2008

Dungeness on a Hawaiin sling

Noble harvest is all about giving God's creatures a fighting chance. Sportfishing with a bunch of schmucks in Cabo? Gimme a break; that's like phoning it in.

But spearfishing in the Pacific Northwest...well, I'm biased, but that just strikes me as a noble harvest.
Your face numbs right away and unless you have tanks and you can sink below 20 feet, I assure you the visibility will be poor. There are heavy currents and 90% of the creatures you want to eat will see you first and split. But not the crabs, they are different, everyone knows that - they walk sideways.


Anonymous said...

god damn, you are living every Seattle boy's dream.

Unknown said...

thanks Brodie,

in a few years I will expand into sub tropical waters, but for now I am content being a small fish in a cold pond that is also small