September 23, 2008


The bad thing about sailing around the San Juans in the Winter is all the low pressure storm systems, the good thing is that nobody else is there. We sailed for days without seeing another boat on the water. The sun came out this afternoon as we drifted downwind through Rosario Straights. Glaciers scraped through the region a million years ago and dug out deep submarine canyons between the islands, creating fjords that are not on the Norwegian scale, but are certainly awesome. The water at this spot is 800 feet deep, that's a lot of water.

Therein lies the conflict with waste disposal. Many American and all Canadians boaters dump their toilet waste directly into the water. If you press them on why they feel entitled to sully the Gulf or San Juan Islands, they will probably mention that with all this water, surely their mild pollution will dilute and become fish food.

This is not advised, and on issues like this it is best to trust the advisers.
Unless, you're in Canada, there's no pump-out in Canada, so let 'em have it.

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