August 28, 2018

A seller's market in La Paz....

I just spoke on the phone to my broker in La Paz. Apparently boats have been selling more in La Paz than in any other port on the west coast of Mexico.

9 years into the bull market here in the U.S., means that the wealthy are more wealthy than usual. Buyers are walking up and down the waterfront of La Paz and snatching up sailboats.

Buyers like the proximity of the cruising islands in La Paz. Espiritu Santo is only 20 miles from harbor.

It looks like I should be able to sell this old Newport for much more than I would collect in San Diego.

sailing in Mexican waters, lots of sun...

In other new, it is far too hot for us to be in La Paz this summer.

We are waiting till November to return to the boat. At that point, the boat will be cleaned out and we will begin the process of putting her on the market.
I will most likely use La Paz Yachts.

Hopefully she will sell quickly...

And I hope she finds a good hearted Captain.


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